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Living The Customer Experience

My previous blog post focused on the key trends that we expect to see this year in relation to Customer Engagement and, in particular the Customer Experience. It was concluded that customers are no longer receptive to the passive communications and messages that brands once pushed out, but expect a genuine experience, in a storytelling, emotive and interactive nature.

Drum roll please… for Sainsbury’s appear to have released a perfectly fitting campaign in sync with the demanding requirements of an engaging customer experience!

The supermarket’s tag line of ‘Live well for less’ is one of which they have used for many years, however was this lifestyle mantra necessarily portrayed within the advertising messaging or activity?

In a bold move, the supermarket brand recently appointed a new advertising agency, tasking them with the brief to bring new meaning to this tired tag. Here, Creative Directors of Sainsbury’s newly appointed agency, Wieden & Kennedy pointed out:

“They had the endline which they’d been using for years, but had never really been imbued with a lot of meaning… So we set out to do just that. We liked the thought that you don’t need lots of money to live well, it’s the simple things in life, the stuff that makes you feel good. Our first expression of this is ‘Food Dancing’. That moment when you’ve got the radio on, you’re cooking up some tasty food and you’re having a little dance. It’s something that happens in the privacy of people’s homes all across Britain.”

The spot, “Food dancing”, features a range of cast members expressively dancing within the space of their own kitchen, cooking their favoured dishes. The spot has been created to a specially-created track that is also to be released on Spotify. At the end of the advert, viewers are presented with: “#fooddancing is living well.”

Here, we can see how the various elements of the campaign seek to add value to the customers experience with the brand. Whether this is via the uplifting feeling associated with the music, the connections associated with the diverse cast, the interactive and shareable tag line for social purposes of even via the striking and vibrant creative elements. Here, the customer experience is not limited to the product yet extends to the service offering and emotional connections that the brand offers.

Sainsbury’s Director of Marketing Planning & Propositions, Mark Given, stated that it was “the most interactive campaign we’ve ever done” and said it marked a ‘step change’ in the supermarket’s advertising.









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