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Top 10 Football Themed TV Ads

2016 is going to be another epic summer of football.

As we’re in the throes of one of the greatest underdog stories in Premier League history and we’ve got the Euro 2016 Tournament on the horizon, I thought I’d put together a Top 10 List of Football themed TV ads.

From those with epic production values to lower budget viral videos, each gives an insight into how brands use big name players – and a comedian – to showcase their products.

Grab a brew and enjoy!

1.) John Smith’s – Peter Kay Av It 

2.) Nike Winner Stays On

3.) Nike Ole

4.) Samsung Galaxy 11

5.) Pepsi – Football Warriors

6.) Pepsi –Blue Card

7.) Pepsi – David Beckham Beach Bins

8.) Nivea Preperation is everything

9.) Nike Secret Tournament

10.) Pepsi – Ask for More

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