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Top 10 Fictional US Presidents

With Hillary Clinton pretty much sealing up the democratic nomination for the US Presidential race we know now it will be as shoot-out between Hillary and Donald Trump.   Regardless of political persuasion, both are big characters and will undoubtedly bring huge change to the Oval Office, and the next few months of campaigning will likely turn into a soap opera (at least on our side of the pond we’ll just get edited highlights rather than wall to wall….)

With that thought in mind, I thought I proudly present my top 10 fictional US presidents.   Please leave your comments below if I have missed any, and for full effect click here for a stirring rendition of Hail to the Chief from the US Marine Corps Band.

1) Jed Bartlett (The West Wing)

1-jed-bartlettJust brilliant, and real (or rather fictional) example of great leadership.

Jed Barlett shows how to smash a Presidential debate




2) Frank Underwood (House of Cards)

2-frank-underwoodA masterclass in long term plotting and scheming to reach the top.

Frank Underwood breaks the fourth wall



3) Itchy (The Simpsons Movie)

3-itchyPrepared to deploy the might of the US military (on a cat on the moon).

President Itchy deals with a problem


4) Thomas Whitmore (Independence Day)

4-thomas-whitmoreEx-air force pilot leads the charge to defeat aliens in Independence Day – what’s not to love about that!!

President Whitmore rallies the troops



5) Matt Santos (The West Wing)

5-matt-santosFirst non-white US President, elected just as Barak Obama started his campaign

Santos seals the nomination at the Democrat convention



6) James Marshall (Air Force One)

6-james-marshallHan Solo takes down terrorists single handedly on board Air Force One – can’t see Trump ever doing this.

“Get off my plane!”



7) Andrew Shepard (American President)

7-anrdrew-sheppardSecond US president written by Arron Sorkin, Creator of the West Wing, this time Michael Douglass is in the hot seat in American President.

Nothing like a White House press conference




8) Allison Taylor (24)

8-allison-taylorFirst female US president from 24 – will Hillary be able to keep the reigns on Jack Bauer?






9)  The President (Austin Powers)

9-the-presidentTim Robbins literally laughs in the face of Dr Evil in Austin Powers – pretty sure this is how most international diplomacy happens.

How to react when someone wants to destroy your capital city with a giant “laser”





10) David Palmer (24)

10-david-palmerFairly ludicrous President from 24 who manages to get himself in a right pickle.

Jack Bauer vs David Palmer



And a bonus President while its election year…

11) James Dale (Mars Attacks)

11-james-daleJack Nicholson trying (and failing) to beat aliens in Mars Attacks

“My fellow Americans”

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