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Top 10 Game of Thrones Houses as Modern Companies

With the new season of Game of Thrones kicking off yesterday, it’s the perfect time to look at some of the major Houses from Westeros re-imagined as modern day companies.

It’s clear some families have done better than others, but each design fits its sigil perfectly in this present day interpretation.

Before we get to it, what are your predictions for this season of GoT? Is Jon Snow still alive? Will Tyrian survive the entire season? How is Arya going to avenge the death of her family?

1. Air Targaryen

Air Targaryen has been designed with their affiliation to skies in mind. Targaryens ruled the skies of GoT even before A Song of Fire and Ice, so it’s fitting that they have their own airline.

targaryen targaryen2

2. Lannister Investment Group

The Lannisters are not everyone’s tankard of ale, but there is no denying that they are tremendously powerful. Their cunning and ability to invest in situations that best profit them is a skill they use time and time again.

Lannisters Lannisters2

3. Baratheon Security

Strategy and execution. The Baratheons have won calculated victories and established stern defences. With the biggest armies and access to the King’s guard, there is no reason not to choose any other security company.


4. Stark Outfitters

Who knows more about surviving on snowy terrain (other than the Wildlings) than the Starks? With best clothing to battle the elements, Starks know what to do when Winter is Coming.


 5. Greyjoy Cruises

The Greyjoys embrace life at sea and their history of piracy has given them knowledge of what the sea has to offer – this may be down to them worshiping the Drowned God. It’s fair to say, their knowledge of the ocean is seconded to none.

Grey Joys

6. Arryn Communications

Home to one of the highest points in Westeros the Arryn’s of the Eyrie are the perfect house to host a mobile communications base. Their expansive reach gives them access to almost anywhere and their remote location makes them difficult to get hold of… like most mobile companies!


7. Frey Celebrations

Who else would you want to organise your party? Walder understands the importance of vows – as long you don’t go back on yours, you should be fine.


8. Tyrells Cosmetics

Boasting the best gardens in Westeros, the Tyrell’s have the perfect arsenal to combat those battle-induced body odours and signs of winter ageing. Access to rare plants gives them exclusivity in their field.


9. Mormont Lumber

They know how to swing a sword. The Mormonts are hardy men who have the strength to cut down most things. Seeking a more peaceful life, the Mormonts have moved into a line of work which, thankfully, results in less death and misery.


10. Seaworths Onions

Do you want onions on time and untouched? Then Davos Seaworths your man! Undeniably the best transporter in all of the Seven Kingdoms, Ser Davos knows how to get from A to B.



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