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Top 10 Aldi Supermarket Comparison Ads

One brand that has consistently stood out to me over the last few years for its bold TV advertising is Aldi. While the ‘Big Four’ have been at each other comparing basket prices and their own brand value ranges, Aldi has been one step ahead with its cheeky comparison advertising campaign ‘Like Brands’.

“German discounter Aldi, once derided as naff, low-quality and irrelevant, has more than doubled its market share in the past four years, overtaking Waitrose to become the UK’s sixth-largest supermarket chain.” – The Guardian

Here are my top 10 Aldi Comparison Ads…

10. Energy Drink

One thing that Aldi do really well with in their advertising is appeal to a wide audience. Promoting products that suit a range of different audiences however keeping them all interesting for everyone with the humour.

9. Hot Cross Buns

Another interesting ad from Aldi and one that keeps you watching.

8. Aldi Challenge

Focusing around New Year’s resolutions, this ad gives viewers a challenge to try out and see the savings themselves.

7. Easter Bunnies

This Easter Bunnies advert engages children as well as adults adding the excitement of an Easter egg hunt.

6. Covered In Chocolate

I like this one for how it relates to the typical couple when the man is in the doghouse!

5. I Don’t Like Tea, I Like Gin

This Aldi Tea advert was the first to kick off the brand comparisons theme, it stood out and got people talking with its subtle humour and the directness of the ad.

4. Aldi Mamia Nappies

This is one of Aldi’s newest campaigns and is what I think is probably the cheekiest. Not only do the compare their Mamia nappies with the top brand Pampers but they also push their award win over Pampers on the advert too. This campaign is also very prominent on radio at the moment and has even prompted a response advert from Pampers themselves.

3. Amazing Mum

Aldi are also now venturing into the ‘basket’ comparison like the ‘Big Four’ have been known for in their advertising campaigns with their Amazing Mum advert.

2. Man On The Moon

Not only have Aldi cracked it with their brand comparison but they are now entertaining viewers with spoof adverts from some of the biggest brands, like with this spoof of last year’s John Lewis Christmas ad #ManOnTheMoon.

1. Gorilla

This one has to be my favourite with its play on the famous Cadburys Gorilla advert from back in 2007 making it instantly recognisable and engaging.

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Image Source: BMF Advertising | YouTube

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