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Byworth Modernise the Boiler Industry with Fantastic Media

Byworth Boilers, the market leaders in the manufacture and supply industrial boilers, recently approached Fantastic Media to help update their brand in line with their innovative approach to the sector.

Fantastic will be working with the Byworth Boilers team on redefining the brand and modernising it in line with their new company outlook. This activity will be complimented across digital channels, and an extensive PR strategy in relevant industry publications.

Founded in 1968 by Dennis Baldwin, as a result of his struggles to find a product that suited his requirements in his business growing Chrysanthemums, Byworth Boilers was a result of his struggles in locating a product that met his specific requirements and those for people like himself. This resulted in his drive to produce a product for the consumer, by the consumer.

These innovative values still remain with Byworth Boilers to this day. However, the team at Byworth felt that their current brand and offering did not reflect their keen eye for innovation, precision, and advanced quality. As a result, they approached the team at Fantastic to help establish the Byworth Boilers as the market leader in the manufacture, supply, service and maintenance of industrial boilers in both the UK and throughout Europe.

Following an in-depth Insight process, the team at Fantastic proposed a complete refresh of the Byworth Boilers brand to bring it in line with the 21st century, building equity in the brand and elevate it beyond its current awareness. Through achieving consistent brand messaging and communications, this would aid the brand in acquiring, converting, and retaining customers throughout the Byworth lifecycle.

The industrial boiler market has typically been associated with its industrial heritage, and after learning more about the business Fantastic Media highlighted that, unlike their competitors, Byworth push for technological innovation and provide bespoke boiler solutions and boiler control systems based upon the needs of each individual client. It was also noted that the current customer journey was not as clear as it could be, and so changes to the way that the product offering was presented both online and offline, through unified and contemporary branding, was proposed to fully modernise the brand.

Alex Holdcroft, of Byworth Boilers, commented: “We are really excited to roll out the new brand proposition for our business and modernising the brand so it reflects our internal processes. Our business appears very traditional to the untrained eye, but Fantastic have gotten to know how we work and understand how to bring a contemporary feel to our offering.”

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