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Top 10 PR Quotes

PR is often misunderstood. It’s not propaganda or spin and it’s definitely not advertising. Simply, PR is story-telling, and every brand needs a story.

To me, great PR is creating a compelling story for a brand, an argument for buying one brand over another with the ultimate aim of establishing trust.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is without doubt one of the PR success stories of the last decade. Founder Elon Musk – a Tony Stark for the real world – has found a way to make electric cars cool and accessible without a Chief Marketing Officer or an advertising agency.

There’s a great article in PR Week (here) on how ‘through canny PR’ he ‘has built a strong brand narrative that positions Tesla as a high-end disruptive force in a car industry long overdue for a shake-up.’

Reading Tesla’s story reminded me of my favourite Top 10 PR quotes.

Read and enjoy:

PR Quotes

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