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My week at Fantastic Media – Joel Rushworth

Before I came to Fantastic I had no previous work experience, and had very little knowledge about what the company does. Currently, I am studying for my GCSE’S at Honley High School where I am studying; Media Studies, ICT, PE and Geography. All of these subjects interest me but I’m still not sure what I want to do when I leave school.

On my first day at Fantastic I was very nervous and unsure what it was going to be like but when I met all of the staff they were all very kind and helpful which made my experience so much better. The tasks I was provided with were very useful for the rest of my journey at fantastic. My first task was to deal with some updates for Robertson Baxter which I struggled with at first but with a bit of help I managed to complete the task. I found my first day challenging but I was excited for the rest of the day to start.

On my second day the tasks started to become harder and this allowed me to complete more work and give everything a go with my best efforts. I enjoyed this because I got a real feeling of what it was like to do work on a day to day basis. Another thing I did at Fantastic was go to a meeting at the John Smith’s stadium which enjoyed doing whilst listening I picked up some notes from the meeting and later typed them up to be used as feedback.

My third and fourth day consisted of me doing small tasks for everybody around the work place to get a feel of what everybody does in the company, this allowed me to experience a small amount of what they do at Fantastic Media and which Clients that they work with daily. I also went out of the office to visit Leach Colours who took us on a tour around their building and what they do, the best bit was seeing what went on behind the light boxes they created and how they get the LED lights to project light onto the screen in front, I was thoroughly impressed with what they did.

On the last day I did something a little bit different as I designed a rebrand for a golf club and organised events which I found I had to be very creative and adventurous with but I did enjoy it. The skills that I have learnt through the week will be very beneficial for my later life and over the whole week I have learnt so much and now fully understand what the business does.

Overall, my week at fantastic has been amazing I have taken so much from what everyone has told me and the places I have been too. My favourite part of the week was going to Leach as I was able to take note and understand what a client of Fantastic does. Through the week all the staff have been so kind to me and I think that it has made the week so much better as they helped me and made me laugh along the way. So, I would like to thank everyone at Fantastic for making it such a great experience for me and giving me the chance to do a week’s work experience which can help me with my later career.

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